Communicating Christ to Millennials

An opportunity to discover the Communicator in you with a comprehensive course covering communication, journalism, public relations and digital media, specially tailored for Priests, Seminarians, the Religious, Catechists and the Laity.

Designed to help you reach out to the Millennials using their language, this course will include short and focused lessons on a variety of topics.  It would also include peer conferencing and editing, networking, and practical sessions in Page Design in our computer lab. Resource persons for the workshop are from well-known institutions in the media industry in Mumbai.


2nd to 23rd May, 2018

Curriculum Outline


  1. Public Relations Strategies & Tactics

  2. Communication Management & Strategies

  3. Event management

  4. Organizational Communication

  5. Church Documents on Communication


  1. Principles of News gathering, Reporting & Writing

  2. Unlocking your potential as writer

  3. Learning to write creatively

  4. Press Release/ press conference on a current topic / workshop

  5. Feature stories—ideas, techniques, structure/ workshop

Media Production

  1. Communication and Voice modulation

  2. Presentation and Communication skills in T.V. studio

  3. Introduction to the Advertising Industry

  4. From idea to Publication—the nuts and bolts of book publishing

  5. Introduction to Graphic design (Photoshop, Illustrator & In design)

  6. Digital Photography

Digital Media

  1. Importance of Personal & Institutional website

  2. Social Media: Principles and Trends: blog, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn

  3. Digital Psychology

Class timing

9 am to 1 PM; 2:30 PM to 5:30 PM